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2012-07-29 01:51 pm
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Latest Earworm

Quelle surprise, a female vocalist!

Thirty Minute Love Affair - Paloma Faith

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2012-04-17 11:17 am
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Music Video...

I've always been a bit of a Macca fan. I heard this on the radio a few weeks back and liked it then. This video adds Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp.

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2011-11-07 02:28 pm
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Life progresses. Laziness abounds. I can haz gout. Which in the grand scheme of things might prove beneficial as it forces my diet down certain routes. Farewell Marmite, I'll miss you.

Here, have a video. Loving this track. Also loving other tracks by her. Looking forward to the album.

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2011-03-16 11:29 am
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A music meme

Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

5 songs that start with M, thanks to [personal profile] lurkingcat

Took me a while, mostly due to forgetfulness or being poorly. Then when I did get round to it had to fix all the embeds. Stupid youtube.

Read more... )
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2011-02-05 04:23 pm

Sooooo unfit

Good news: the bike works. As does the bike computer effort. It tells me I managed 2.7m at an average speed of just over 10mph. And after said 15 minutes of exercise ... pooped.

Still, I guess I have to start somewhere.
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2011-01-04 02:00 pm
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New Year

So, New Year's eve I got rather drunk. Falling down drunk in fact as I managed to fall/slide down the stairs. Nothing more than bruising, though I did manage to pull one of the banister posts out. Ho hum. In addition to this I made a somewhat foolish agreement with Andy to do the Dunwich Dynamo night ride in July. That's 200km road cycle during the night.

Currently I'll be honest admit to considering reneging on the drunken promise due to it already starting to stress me out and me not wanting it to start ruling my life. However, I just booked my bike in for a service (sadly not till the 15th). I guess I need to work out between now and then whether I actually have any time for training.
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2010-12-20 03:06 pm

2010 - A Year in Cinema

This makes me wish I'd been to the cinema more often...

2010 as the Cinema )
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2010-12-20 01:29 pm
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Top 10 2010 Albums (according to QC)

I'm aware some of you, for what reasons I cannot fathom, do not read Questionable Content. However, I can recommend checking out the author's* top 10 albums of the year list. I discovered the joys of The Flaming Lips via QC and am now working through this list, which is mostly available on Spotify.

* Author? Artist? Creator?
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2010-11-24 11:30 am
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Songs I've heard before

Bugger. Had the original edit for this eaten. Anyway, here's two songs. One recent, one not so but connected by this particular oddity. They're both songs which when I first heard them I thought I had heard them before. Driven by the chorus in the main.

I can only assume I'd actually caught them on the radio or similar previously and so on hearing them when paying attention it was like a long lost remembrance.

Paris is burning - Ladyhawke )

Pretender got my heart - Alisha's Attic )
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2010-10-29 11:56 am
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Work changes...

We've had a bunch of people leave recently. Some are still hanging around, others are on gardening leave. What this means is that hands have been forced. There's been more training sessions to introduce people to the various products/solutions/components we have within the company.

What it also means is that I've moved to a slightly different role. I'm still ostensibly part of CRT (Critical Response) but I'm now on a different product and in more of a solutions role. So far this has meant installing Oracle and Weblogic on my PC and installing a bunch of our own software. Apart from the odd typo here and there, and installing a base version without the upgrade patch this has gone reasonably smoothly. Even if I do dislike our install guides quite a lot.

It's not development, but it is a step in the right direction and will hopefully involve more actual work and coding. Rather than trying to replicate crappy bug reports and finding 9/10 issues are problems with customer's bespoke configurations.
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2010-10-18 02:11 pm
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Le duo des chats

I mentioned this at Pendragon a week or two ago and only just remembered to link it:

Le duo des chats )
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2010-10-01 09:56 am
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Friday Happy

Heard this on the radio on the way in this morning. Which made me very much want to watch this video. Which is one of the most awesome things ever. Much happy. Much sharing.

Torn - Secret Policeman's Ball 2006 )
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2010-07-27 05:44 pm
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30 Days of Music: day 14 - a song that no one would expect you to love

Found this difficult. Trying to think of anything I like that might come as a surprise to anyone. I think part of that is the way I think. I like it therefore why would it be surprising that I like it. It's no surprise that I like cheesy one-hit stuff that others mock. I was tempted by Roachford's Cuddly Toy but I think that's just that it's a track from the 80s that doesn't tend to get as much 80s nostalgia as others. In the end I'm going with the first thing that popped into my head for this topic. One that I was surprised to find myself liking when I kept hearing it on the radio, when I found out who it was:

Will Young - Leave Right Now )
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2010-07-26 03:10 pm
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30 Days of Music: day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure

Oh dear, I have a number of guilty pleasures in my CD collection. I think the earliest acquisition was Whigfield's Saturday Night. I also have Shampoo's Trouble. I'm sure there's more. However, I'm going to go with one I don't have in my collection, though I have gone looking on occasion. I've no idea what they're even singing, though I believe the song title translates as Chinese Eyes:

China Dolls - Muay Nee Kha )
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2010-07-26 02:13 pm
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30 Days of Music: day 12 - a song from a band you hate

Nasty one this. The whole point of something you hate is you avoid it. So having to think of this stuff is difficult. I'm going to go with my first choice so sparing people the joys of Wig Wam Bam or Agadoo. Instead, I'm going with Iron Maiden. Very popular with most of my friends in the sixth form but I've never rate them. And they seem to be a gateway band for heavier rock/metal/thrash which also doesn't interest me. So yeah, not an Iron Maiden fan.

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast )
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2010-07-13 04:08 pm
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30 Days of Music: day 11 - a song from your favorite band

Tricky one this. Not because I don't have a favourite band (which I am choosing to interpret as including artist), but because I find it difficult to chose a song. There's not a single thing she's done that I don't like, Yodelling Song included. The track I've chosen is the most recent one that stood out for me more than others and hence remembered.

Tanita Tikaram - Amore Si )