September 25th, 2017
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Building reception called me at lunch time yesterday to say that the power was back on. So I got a nice sunshiney stroll into town, picked up some coffee on the way, had a chat with the guy on reception duty and then got on with the business of plugging everything back in and powering it up.

Which went just fine to start with. Everything powered on first time. Network lights started pinging on. I went and checked classroom internet. It worked. So I double-checked that the local DC had powered up and had a network light on and then called the Corp team. At which point it became apparent that all was not well after all. Several checks and a call to our main ISP later it became apparent that the classroom internet had neatly failed over to the backup ISP but both the Corp primary and backup lines were out and the ISP couldn't see the NTU from their end.

An engineer was duly booked out to arrive first thing this morning and I went home again because there was nothing else I could do and we had classroom internet which meant that courses could start just fine, it was only the office that was going to have problems.

The engineer was about an hour late in arriving and by that time most of the sales team had gone home to work. He spent about 15 minutes scratching his head and being puzzled because all his test readings were okay but the unit didn't have a MAC address. It wasn't until he pulled out the fibre connectors a third time to check his readings and plugged them back in that everything suddenly sprang into life.

It wasn't a box that had any power for me to unplug but it's a reasonable bet that I knocked it at some point while I was climbing up and down trying to power everything down and then back up again. That said, it wasn't until the third time he pulled the connector out and put it back that everything started working again so it may be a bit dodgy anyway.

We'll see. I do have permission to reseat the connectors myself if it happens again, as long as I then report it to the ISP.

On the plus side I did get my afternoon off in lieu of working part of Sunday and [personal profile] battlehamster took me to lunch at Atomic Burger since he had the day off to recover from his weekend of being someone else :)
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September 22nd, 2017
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I'm exhausted which may explain why I've been sitting staring at the latest XKCD in disbelief and delight for a good ten minutes.

[personal profile] battlehamster has gone to a Larp this weekend, leaving Kheldar in charge of the house. It's probably good timing because I had to work late today and I'll have to go back into work on Sunday. As long as the building security guys remember to call me that is. If they don't then I'll have go in at Far Too Early O'Clock on Monday instead. There's some power work being done on the building so everything had to be switched off and unplugged before I left the office this evening - coffee machines, classroom kit, the entire server rack, eeeeverything.

I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend fretting until they call me and tell that the sparkies have finished and I can go and power everything back up again. We have a course starting on Monday that can't run without internet access so I'm really hoping that all the ISP and Corp team kit boots back up okay. On the plus side most of what's in the rack is less than a year old so shouldn't have died from shock just because it's been shut down.
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September 19th, 2017
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The changing light patterns outside are waking me up before my alarm goes off at the moment. Which isn't great for my sleep patterns. It's totally brilliant if you're Kheldar though because he usually manages to sneak into the bedroom when I get up and go to the bathroom.

Today it was not so great for Kheldar. I woke up about 45 minutes early and he got to hop into the space between me and the edge of the bed and have a good wash and go to sleep and then... then my alarm went off.

I got out of bed, trying not to tip him off the duvet on the way, and turned the alarm off. Meanwhile Kheldar's Loud Noise Threat Assessment System attempted to wake the rest of the cat up. What mostly happened was a thud as he hit the floor and then nothing. I looked down. Kheldar's head tipped up so that his eyes could look at me. His eyes were open but I don't think he was really seeing anything. He'd frozen in place with one hind leg off the floor and one front leg off the floor because loud noise had now stopped and his body didn't know what it was supposed to be doing any more and most of him was still asleep anyway.

So I picked him up and put him back on the duvet and he kind of fell over sideways into a cat cushion and went straight back to sleep. He'd clearly had a busy night and I thought at least one of us should get the opportunity of some more sleep.

He's still mildly disgruntled about the whole business this evening.

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September 15th, 2017
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... this new laptop business is working out well. I mean, I have done other things today but there's certainly been a lot of marvelling at the wonders of a top-notch piece of new technology compared to the old faithful beast that I've been bumbling along with.

There's also been a certain amount of amusement in the discovery that I hadn't been hearing some of the newer albums in the household properly due to the sound of the fans. I'd gotten so used to the noise that machine made that my brain was mostly ignoring it. Today's been a bit of a revelation.

In other news Special Agent Kheldar would like to register a complaint about the repeated incidents in which water fell from the sky and interrupted his patrols.
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September 14th, 2017
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I spent part of yesterday tidying up my old laptop and transferring files onto a USB disk. Including the stuff that I transferred across to that laptop eight years ago, meant to do something about and never did. I'll get to that folder one of these days, really I will.

Today I got to spend time with [personal profile] teebee again and... the new laptop arrived a day earlier than originally anticipated. I am going to bed any minute, really I am. I just need to install... er... actually quite a bit. It's amazing how much two factor authentication I've got switched on these days. My poor phone isn't used to receiving so many texts.

And I'm leaving this link here mostly to remind myself to read it later because I had a game tonight and it's looong. Jenny Trout's review of Handbook for Mortals, the first few paragraphs of which made me giggle. And which also contain a useful link to a write up of the whole NYT bestsellers list scam.
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September 13th, 2017
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We went to the zoo yesterday and the British weather managed to mostly not rain on us.

Cut for photos )
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